Monday, June 22, 2009

My "Magic Jeans" got me thinking...

I love hi-lo fashion.  The best dressed people I know are those who have mastered the art of mixing luxury with affordability.  I've longed to become one of those people. You know at least a couple who roll out of bed, throw something on and walk out of the house looking effortlessly chic yet completely pulled together.

Those who are capable of this are few and far between and I've always wondered, "What's your secret?"  Then, after stumbling upon an amazing pair of jeans, at Old Navy, no less, it all fell into place.  Your clothes, as simple as it may sound, just have to work.  They have to fit perfectly.  You have to feel amazing in them.  They don't have to be expensive or of the moment, they just have to be YOU.

I spotted these jeans on an over-stuffed rack of hodge-podge denim.  Having had a semi-successful career in the Visual Merchandising arena, this rack made chills run down my spine.  I felt nauseous and uncomfortable.  I wanted to re-merchandise the entire section before I so much as thought of shopping in it, but the jeans...they called to me.  They were low-rise, stretch denim, wide flare (think trouser) leg in the most perfect light wash.  They had my size.  They were on sale. They became mine.

I got these jeans home and immediately put them on with one of my favorite tops, a Nanette Lepore blouse, floral, puff sleeves, little bows on either side, ridiculously expensive and worth every penny.  I finished it off with my favorite spectator peep-toes and a sparkly cocktail ring.
It worked.  I felt like a million twenty dollar jeans.  Then, I switched gears.  I threw on a white Hanes mens v-neck undershirt, my trusty mens-style cardigan, tan, picked up at a local thrift shop for somewhere around five bucks and my super-comfy, well worn camo Haviana flip flops.  I put on a pair of gold hoops for good measure and took the dog for a walk. I felt confident.

I deemed my new jeans "Magic" and broadcast the news to anyone who would listen.  You saw my facebook status, right?  And my tweet, for all the "Twitterati."  I went back the next day, armed with my 10% off coupon, lured in with the TV commercial advertising two dollar tank tops, planning to procure as many pairs of these magical jeans as I could get my mitts on.  I bought them in white (so sophisticated!) and dark rinse.  I went home happy.

I'm still happy.  I'm wearing them right now.  For the record, I'm also wearing a two dollar tank top, but my sandals are from Coach and my earrings, silver pearls from Tiffany, were a surprise from Mom and Dad a couple of years back.  I feel like one of those cool people who doesn't have to try that hard.  Thank you, magic jeans.

In discovering these "magic jeans,"  I don't want to discredit all of my other closet essentials.  I still believe in quality over quantity, although those of you who have seen my closet may beg to differ.  I just can't justify not stocking up on something that blends my two worlds together.  These jeans are like the Brooklyn Bridge, uniting Brooklyn, funky and cool, with Manhattan, chic and upscale.  Hi-lo fashion.  I'm livin' it.


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